Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday’s TNNA Class

My teacher was SuZy Murphy (the famous needlepoint author) and she is so much fun! The canvas she used is called “Santa in a Martini Glass” by CBK and the threads were donated by Rainbow Gallery. I would recommend this guide and canvas for an advanced beginner level class.

We worked with a couple of difficult threads (they unravel), Flair and Water N Ice. I whipped out my trusty Thread Zapper and shared its wonderful cutting/melting effects with the class.  I loved everyone's reaction--"Wow".   And, being a candidate for Teacher’s Pet, I promised Suzy she could have mine after my class on Sunday. 

Tomorrow morning at 8am (groan) I am taking a class from Robin King, needlepointer extraordinaire and producer of Amy Bunger's DVDs.

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Anonymous said...

I am green with envy. Suzy Murphy and Robin King....the Hart she is teaching looks stunning. Have fun and love the Santa

Sue VanderNoor