Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blonde Pumpkin

click for larger imageThis little blonde pumpkin is a cutie.

Her hat and costume were stitched with Wildflowers and Splendor using the Brick stitch. The stem and vine are a combination of bullion knots and couched cording. For her pigtail, I used Medici—I pulled long threads through to the front and braided them. The bow is a Neon Rays Rhodes variation.

Her treat bag is stitched in Patina, a thread I used to hate—now I just mildly dislike it. I started stitching with it and it bunched up and generally misbehaved. I remembered that I sell a tool in the store for straightening kinky threads. Since I was at home (45 minutes from the store), I used my fingers and pulled the thread really tight and straight with even tension. Voila! The thread straightened out and laid evenly. The pumpkin was just the right size—at the end of the session my fingers really hurt. I might need to add that tool to my kit.

For the fishnet stockings, I first stitched with 2 strands of Splendor and took it out because it was too thick. The end result is one strand of Splendor stitched in Alicia’s lace.

I love the attention to detail in this canvas—the left shoe is the only one with a buckle, the pumpkin has a wonderful grin and is looking up. I find something new to love every time I stitch this piece.

About the canvas. This canvas is painted by Liz Dillon who has a new distributor. The distributor is currently filling Tapestry Tent back orders and will then begin filling new orders. The net—it will take a while to get Liz’ canvases, but they are worth waiting for.