Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Evelyn's stocking part 3

Santa’s suit is the largest single design area on the canvas.  I took a lesson learned from a Pat Thode/Heartstrings Santa—use the same thread, but different stitches for each section of clothing.  I used Vineyard Silk Shimmer in Lollipop, with a bit of burgundy Silk Lame’ for the sleeve and pant lines.  The sleeve is stitched in Diagonal Scotch, the main coat in Hungarian and the pants in Corduroy.  The red hat area was stitched in Corduroy, with a change in direction for the end of the hat.

The fur trim will be masses of Jump through the Loop Turkey work.  I couldn’t think of anything else that fits as well, so I broke my rule again, using a time-consuming stitch for effect.  Jump through the Loop was the perfect Turkey work variation:  1) it stands up straight rather than leaning in one direction and 2) I can remember how to do it without having to drag out a book every time I try to stitch it.  Unlike traditional Turkey work, you start at the top.  The loops will be cut and shaped when the stocking comes back from the finisher.

The stocking, hung by the chimney with care, has a pug-nosed Teddy bear stitched in Perle cotton French knots.  The fur is a chenille I picked up somewhere, couched down.  It will get a little trimming before going to the finisher.  The main stocking was stitched with Planet Earth silk.  This is the first time I had used this thread and I really liked it.  It is very similar to Vineyard Silk, but its thickness is closer to Silk & Ivory.  The stitch was a woven stitch.

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