Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Evelyn's stocking part 2

The tall blue package behind the wagon took no time at all and I love the look. The box is wrapped in Reverse Scotch using two shades of Petite Frosty Rays. The ribbon and bow are satin stitched using Sparkle Rays.

The little red wagon was stitched using Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss. My trusty Thread Zapper worked its magic again—using it to “cut” the thread keeps the metallic from shredding out as I stitched. The tire is Very Velvet and the wheel is two Jessicas with a Smyrna cross in the center. The outer Jessica was stitched with Kreinik #12 Red Pepper. The inner Jessica was stitched with Flair, as was the Smyrna cross at the center. I used to be terrified of Jessicas until I stitched several on a Susan Roberts mini house. Just take a deep breath and try it!

I wanted the logs in the fireplace to look a little birch-like. I used two strands of Burmilana and the upright Gobelin. Just enough of the canvas shows through to give the logs some texture.

I looked at the fireplace long and hard, trying to figure out how to give it some life. The black interior came easily—framed Cashmere using black and gray silk. The gray walls were next—Diagonal Mosaic using 3 strands of Burmilana. The wood mantel and surround took the longest time to figure out. I found a brown Spring in my stash and started by basketweaving the smaller areas. I stitched the dark brown lines with Medici and an encroaching Gobelin line. I’m sure the stitch I used has a name, but it escapes me.

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