Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ark Monkey House

Hooray!  Except for the part where I ran out of my silk floss, the Monkey House from the Ark is complete.

I love the stitch I used for the red walls--I found it in Jane Zimmerman's "Canvas Embroidery" Volume One.  The inspiration stitch is a "variation of basic Scotch alternated with elongated Cashmere".  I reduced the row height by one stitch, used 3 strands of silk and the result looks like wood shingles.  The best part is that I only had to rip out one previous stitch to replace it with what I think is the perfect one.

Back to the rooftops of the Ark!


Patt said...

I agree

karen said...

I think your ark is wonderful. Will you be doing a stitch guide?--K.B.

Michele Herron said...

The Stitch Guide will be available in a few weeks. Thanks for the kind comments!

karen said...

I will haunt the site looking for it!