Sunday, December 5, 2010

Needlepoint Decorating

I played hooky from the shop yesterday and a wonderful time touring 4 homes in our historic district. They were all beautifully decorated for the holiday season, but one house in particular stood out for me and my fellow needlepoint addicts.

The owner of the home had stitched quite a collection of needlepoint ornaments and she displayed them in imaginative ways.  Ornaments were hung from cabinet knobs, door handles and hung on the side of lampshades.  I’ve also seen wreaths and garlands that were adorned with needlepoint ornaments.  Whether you have a huge collection of needlepoint ornaments that more than fill a tree or you have just begun your collection, you can spread holiday cheer throughout your home.

Happy Holidays, Michele

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Anonymous said...

I have a small tabletop tree & have way too many ornaments. So, I have 4 needlepointed ornaments hanging on 2 lamp shades. I love them there. One year, I had green garland going up the stairs & placed a set of 8 needlepointed ornaments along there. I love decorating the house differently every year. Happy Holidays & thanks for sharing.