Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas March completed!

My Christmas March is finished, except for the stars and the extra rows outside the design.

Here are a few things that changed in the process of teaching the class.

1.  Kreinik drastically changed the color of the #8 braid I was using. Luckily, my class was able to trade with each other so no one had to rip out any stitches.
2,  After seeing how much my polar bear picked fibers and fur out of thin air when stitched with Petite Very Velvet in white, a couple of stitchers switched to Vineyard Silk for the bear.  Much better.  Note to dogs:  stop shedding.
3.  For the wheels, one of the stitchers left the blocks until last.  This allowed her to anchor a thread in the center of the wheel, letting it hang free on the front of the canvas.  She used the thread to show the right direction for the random long and short stitches, rotating it as she stitched.  Much easier than trying to imagine the proper direction.
4.  I had originally stitched the base as a modified rice done entirely in Burmilana.  To beef it up a bit, we added Kreinik #16 for the underlying cross stitches.  That also left a bit of sparkle at the corners and center of each block.  Will I go back and back stitch mine to make it better?  What are the odds?
5.  One of the stitchers went to four ply for the sky, instead of my 3 ply because she is having the canvas made into a pillow. 

Keep stitching and stay warm.


Deb said...

They are beautiful!

Goldylox99 said...

I love the piece. What stitch did you use for the sky, and how did you create the illusion of light?

Michele Herron said...

The sky is a wave variation from Brenda Hart.

Goldylox99 said...

I'll get out Brenda's books and look it up. It is so effective and beautiful! What threads did you use?

LIZ said...

Very nice! I'm curious about the background trees: How did you achieve that wispy look?

Michele Herron said...

Goldy - it is all wave. Where there was just one thread painted, I went under it.