Sunday, November 9, 2008

Young Frankenstein

We call our two computer terminals at the store Frank (for Frankenstein) and Igor, so I definitely have a soft spot for this guy. The mask hair is made of bullion knots using 4 ply of Splendor; the mask bolts are the same orange Kreinik used for Dracula’s bag stitced with cross stitches. The boy’s hair is stitched with Rainbow Tweed in an Interlocking Gobelin over 4 stitches.

I wanted to give the coat a quilted effect (we always want our children to stay warm on Halloween night). I used 3 shades of Splendor and a Staggered Cashmere stitch. His pants are stitced using the Corduroy stitch, appropriately enough—he is a well-dressed little monster. His trick or treat bag is stitched with a background of the Mosaic stitch. The cat is stitched with black Fuzzy Stuff with glowing orange eyes. I used my curved scissors to trim the Fuzzy Stuff and allow his eyes to show. (I think this cat and the “real” one are exchanging glances).

For young Frank’s feet, I used Petite Very Velvet for his shoes (I think they are Birkenstocks) and 3 strands of Splendor for his socks. My favorite scissors are my curved tip scissors. Not just for trimming turkey work, they let you get close the canvas for trimming threads without as much of a risk of damaging the canvas as straight scissors.

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