Monday, February 14, 2011

A smaller project

I have (mostly) finished the Easter March and its stitch guide.  I have moved on to my 3D turkey, but I was itching for a new small project.

I raided the ACOD trunk show for this shoe canvas and tried the new Painter's Thread for the main part of the shoe.  I bought a designer ring of the Painter's Threads at market.  I had no idea what they were or how they could be used, but they were too beautiful to pass up.

The thread is YLI Shimmer Blend Ribbon that has been hand dyed.  Each of the 25 colors is named for a famous painter, therefore Painter's Threads.

I loved the thread--it will work on 13 or 18 mesh, can be finger-laid and is beautifully shaded.  Use the thread and you can ignore shading!  I'm going to try it next for tassels.

For the rest of the shoe, I used Coronet Braid for the gold areas, ruched and couched Neon Rays + for the green and used Petite Frosty Rays and the blanket stitch for the purple.  Now all that's left is a bit of background and French knots for the jewel. (I did consider ordering a flat back semi-precious cabochon, but luckily my web connection was too slow.  Then again, maybe I will....

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