Sunday, February 3, 2013

Susan Portra's Vintage Bird Cage class

I started my day with Susan Portra's class "The Vintage Bird Cage", canvas by DJ Designs.  Susan was her usual ebullient self, always good for non-morning people like me.

After many days spent sorting, donating and packing up over 25 years' worth of "stuff" (we sold our house on Lake Michigan), I realized,  yet again, that I have a thing for both boxes and birds.  I have quite a collection of both and this canvas had to be mine.  It is a Limoges-style hinged box with birds in a vintage cage.  It's going to be a beauty.

A few of my favorite things:  learning to stitch a Pinched Cross...seeing the wonderful effect of a woven plait stitch done in two close shades of the same color...getting a PROS laying tool as part of the kit.,.round Rhodes surrounded by beads to make medallions...and best of all, Susan shared some of her students' amazing work.



MNStitcher said...

Looks like an amazing piece - will the class/stith guide be available at some later date?

Michele Herron said...

I'm bringing an extra bird cage canvas home with me and it is available. The canvases, as tweaked by Susan Portra, are sold out, but are being painted and should be available in about 8 weeks.

I have the stitch guides on order and I expect them much sooner than that.