Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Happy Witch

This is the second panel of 5 from Julie Mar & Friends, with the stitch guide by Patricia Dee.

Sometimes I am a stickler for mirror image stitches, i.e., one side has the stitch slanting in one direction, the opposite side slants in the opposite direction.  I loved Pat's choice of the Souffle stitch for the Happy Witch's cloak, but I wanted the left side to mirror the right.

Usually, you just need to turn a stitch diagram a 1/4 turn to get the mirror image.  You can see that this doesn't work with this stitch.  So here is Reverse Souffle, "for your alleged pleasantry" as one of my beloved high school English teacher used to say.  (She would introduce herself at the beginning of the year--"My name is Mrs. Null, it rhymes with dull."  She was anything but dull.)


Peggi@Tapestry Fair said...

Great job on the hair!

Cindy Minick said...

Hi Michele, Love these Halloween characters! Wondering what thread you use for her hair it looks marvelously witchy?

Michele Herron said...

It was a dark and stormy night.... Okay, it was a dark night and I did not have the thread called for in the stitch guide.

I had to use what I had from my stash--in this case Petite Frosty Rays PY022. I used a random long and short stitch, with some very long stitches. For those very long stitches, I took one or two anchoring stitches in the center of the long stretch. Due to the look of the Petite Frosty Rays, those anchoring stitches just blended in for a very chic 'do.

If only I could style my own hair!