Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Corn snake & skull witch hat

I've almost finished the Kelly Clark witches' hat series. I used the stitch guide as a jumping off point and then went my way.

I experimented with the 2 small skulls on the brim, beading them primarily with clear size 14 beads and Kreinik #4 glow in the dark braid. The effect was okay, but not great.

Effect I loved from the guide: French knots stitched with Boucle'. This would be great for trees, shrubs, moss, hair and more.

Effect I hated: French knots stitched with Boucle'. Lots and lots of knots and bad words, oh my!

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palma said...

Michele, it takes a while but in the end you'll love French Knots with Boucle. As you in the beggining I cursed at it and almost went insane but over time it got better and today it is the favorite thread for French Knot especially for shrubs and trees as you mentioned. Hang in there :) Love your hat, thanks for reminding me I should start working on mine